Largest/Most Complicated Corkscrew In The World

March 12, 2012


This is Rob Higg's "automaton" corkscrew. I'm pretty sure it's the exact same or another iteration of this one he made back in 2009, but I COULD be mistaken. Just kidding -- I could be from the future though because my parents have always been kinda shady about it. Anyway, hit the jump for a video of the thing in action. You just crank the shit out of the handle, and the machine not only uncorks your bottle, but pours it! Thank goodness too, because if it took all that work just to uncork the bottle I'd probably have to stay sober. Oooooor cut the top off with a sword.

Hit the jump for the that is not going to fit in my kitchen.

Steampunk Corkscrew Contraption of the Day []

Thanks to the TOASTer, Ford, alex and Forrest, who agree the best way to open wine is to push the little button on the box.

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