It Was Only A Matter Of Time (Read: Three Whole Days): Slow-Motion Destruction Of New iPad With Gunfire

March 19, 2012


Because the new iPad came out last week, here's the requisite video of one getting destroyed by gunfire in slow motion. Dude starts off with an HK53 assault rifle, then, after that fails to do an acceptable amount of damage for his taste, finishes the the thing off with a Benelli shotgun shooting specialty ammo I never knew existed (little metal darts and bolo balls). I don't know about you, but if I had the option I wouldn't want to get shot with ANY of those. Thank God we weren't born iPads, amirite? "I'm an iPhone 5." Haha -- you are F***ED.

Hit the jump for the I don't even have an old one and these people are shooting new ones. It ain't right!


Thanks to John, who I'm pretty sure had something to do with the video but wouldn't admit it for fear of fanboy aggression. Jk jk -- Apple fanboy aggression isn't anything to be afraid of.

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