In Your Face, Internet!: My 10,000th Geekologie Article

March 29, 2012



My 10,000th Geekologie article -- I never though the day would come, and yet, here we are. Can you believe it? Of course you can't, you tell me I'm a different writer every month. And you're wrong. From August 7th, 2007 I've written my fingers to the bone, fueled by nothing but booze, dinolust and a visceral hatred of robots. TEN THOUSAND ARTICLES. And not just one-liners, no-liners or "this is this, this is how much it costs, this is where you can get it" articles either -- I've had to talk about my peenor (and yours!) SEVERAL TIMES. It hasn't been easy. Jesus, do you know how many jokes I've written? "Forty?" Probably closer to 30, but you're being sweet to me on my special day, I get it.

Thanks to everyone who made this journey possible -- Anticlown Media for giving me the opportunity to write in the first place (then letting me run rampant across the internet trailing toilet paper), all the friends and fellow writers/bloggers I've met along the way, one very, VERY special little lady, and you, the reader. So where will the road take us from here? No clue, but hopefully there's a cool bar along the way. You get the first round.

All the best,

Your Geekologie Writer

  • Branah De La Jara

    congratulations dear GW, you and Geekologie are sexier than ever <3

    greetings from Chile

  • LAST: Im so proud of you GW. *hugs* keep the post going on for years to come.

  • oh hello bar sinister 

  • zF23

    You kind of look like a child molester in that picture

  • Kryptonyte

    Is that dildos in the background just above the center candles??? Could of used a better pic for ya 10,000 post, rather than visiting the local whore house...

  • Glorianna Tillemann-Dick


  • Following for a couple of years now !!! 

    I miss some completely irrational out of theme nothing to do with the post probably writing drunk posts !!! 

    Awesome still. 

  • BlakeyB52

    Congrats man. Your articles get me through the work week, and always cheer me up when I'm down. Thank you G-Dub.

  • miezeljotschek

    Congratulations GW! You are the hottest blogger the internet has ever seen!

  • I hope you're not tired of writing them yet, because I'm not tired of reading them. Probably because I share your apprehension about the [inevitable] robot revolution. When my guys are being disemboweled by whatever comes after the quadcopter, I'll be thinking of you: "He was riiiiighh...[ech*]"

    * That's the last sound I'll make, I wasn't sure how to spell it.

  • Congrats! 
    I don't know why you chose that picture of yourself (if it's even you?), but I recognize that club in Hollywood. A certain sinister bar...

  • that hat makes me love you that much more.

  • Jeff

    Congrats dude!  I love your blog!

  • Sockpuppet_Sam

    I'm a bit sad - this is almost like when we found out who the Stig was on Top Gear (uk!).We now know that the "mysterious" Geekologie writer is just boring old Jonathan Berisford, going out with a girl called cocoa :(
    No photoshopped eye patch is going to keep you geeky -- now we've seen who you are going out with.

    Your next 10,000 posts are going to  have to be REALLY geeky. I'm talking dinos and robots in every post!

    Congrats on the work - and the girlfriend :)

  • Sockpuppet_Sam

    Jonathan Hite Berisford

  • Fake as fuck


    Also gay.

    Seriously though, cheers, luv the site.

  • good job man really enjoy this page !! 

  • mrbryant

    I've actually forgotten how many articles (ha) I've read of yours, but it's easily 3, maybe 4. All made me smile and sometimes laugh out loud. Kudos.

  • thatcando

    all the best.  i enjoy reading GW.  several thumbs up!

  • vodkaOpoivre

    Congratulations !
    (from France)

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