I'M SO READY: Mass Effect 3 Official Launch Trailer

March 2, 2012


"Each of you needs to be willing to die. Anything less...and you're already dead."

Mass Effect 3: it's coming out Tuesday, and I will be playing it. THAT DAY. I don't care if I end up alienating(!) every single one of my crewmates and wind up masturbating in the captain's quarters bathroom before the big battle, I WILL save earth. Oooooooor die trying. Probably die trying a couple times (on insanity). "OMG -- you're gonna take the rest of the week off after the game comes out and leave us high and dry, aren't you?!" That...yeah, that sounds realistic. Pew pew pew, I'm saving earth!

Hit the jump and get your earth-saving space-boner on.

Official Site

Thanks to cheze, I am Krogan! (yes!) and Sara, all of which promised to come over and help me get through the really hard parts.

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