I'll Pass On The Backscratch: Pointed Batman Fingernails

March 12, 2012


These are some Batman themed fingernails by DeviantARTist KayleighOC. As you can see, all the fingers look like little Batman heads and the thumb has a big ol' Batman logo. They kinda remind me of the time I tried growing my nails out for as long as I could as an exercise in self control. "Self control, or looking like a lady?" Haha, I did NOT look like a lady. My knuckles are so hairy you wouldn't be able to pick them out of a sasquatch lineup.

KayleighOC's DeviantART
Bat Nails [geeksaresexy]

Thanks to carey, who doesn't cut her nails, she bites them. That...is a bad habit. *picking at scab*

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