I'll Believe It When I'm Shooting Them Out Of The Sky: Iffy Autonomous Quadrocopter Taco Delivery Service

March 26, 2012


Those aren't f***ing tacos -- that's a clown nose, dummy!

Allegedly (and I stress allegedly HARD and in a real husky voice that makes you weak in the knees and pee a little), a startup in San Francisco wants to sell Mexican food and make deliveries with the use of an autonomous quadrocopter. Obviously, it'll never happen because I'll lure all the unsuspecting taco-copters into a warehouse and then beat them with a stick. It's too easy! PLUS BURRITOS. But seriously, the logistics behind an operation like this sound like a nightmare. People stealing your copters, copters crashing into people and causing accidents -- the possibilities are endless. That said, if the service actually does get off the ground, I'll eat my words. Jk jk -- NACHOS. "Hey GW -- that's nat-cho cheese!" Ahahahahaha -- they're not my chips either but f*** my roommate!

Official Site

Thanks to the TOASTer, Naterade and MacLean/Renegade, who get their tacos delivered the old fashioned way: on the back of a donkey.

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