I Will Cut That Off And Hit You With It!: Cyborg Arm Tat

March 21, 2012

This is a picture of some brobro who decided to get a cyborg arm tattoo ON A PERFECTLY GOOD ARM. Now I just spent 10 minutes trying to scan the x-ray of my REAL cyborg arm that still has all kinds of screws and plates and pins in it but I couldn't get the scanner's top light to work so that's just gonna have to wait for another day. My point is this: my arm aches whenever there's a storm coming and one time TSA pulled me aside and tried to accuse me of having weapons hidden in my arm. And I might have! (My doctor was SKETCH)

Incredible Cyborg Arm Terminator Tattoo [fashionablygeek]
Yomico Moreno (the artist's) Website

Thanks to PYY, who's actually seen my busted-up arm before and thinks it's smexy except for when it clamps down on a breast like a vice-grip.

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