I Want An Honorary One: MIT Offers 'Charming' Degree

March 8, 2012


Because brains are only half of the equation of being successful (the other half is bullshitting), MIT is offering 15-minute courses in being charming for the socially inept. Me? I'm offering 2-hour seminars for $500. Well -- WHAT'S IT GONNA BE, NERD? Partial course listing and info:

Dress with Success: Maintaining a Professional Wardrobe after the Interview

Say What?!?! Tops for Effective Communication
Confrontation: Reaching a Resolution
How to Tell Somebody Something they'd Rather Not Hear
How To Make a Charming First Impression
Reading Between the Lines
Hosts with the Mosts: How to be a gracious social planner
How to Make Small Talk: Small Talk leads to Big Talk
Networking with Grace and Charm

Students receive one "Charm Credit" for each class taken, and redeem these credits at the end of the day. The credits are then good towards either a bachelor's, master's, or doctoral degree in Charm. (Complete any of the offered IAP workshops and earn two credits per each course.)

6 Charm School classes = Bachelor's degree in Charm
8 Charm School classes = Master's degree in Charm
10 Charm School classes = Doctoral degree in Charm

WTF -- 10 15-minute courses for a doctoral degree in charm?! That's got to easiest doctorate I've ever heard of! I think I might have to go get one. "Pleaaaaaase -- you, charming? You'd never pass." WOULD TOO. "You're picking your nose." Ugh, I'm just scratching the inside. Look -- OVER THERE! *eating booger*

MIT Charm School Info (note: offered by student life organization, not 'real' degrees)
How would you do at MIT's charm school? [hlntv]

Thanks to Evil Ares, who's so evil he has degrees in lying, cheating, destruction, rage and...pastries?

  • raziel666

    Barney Stinson approved

  • So you could call yourself doctor for very little work?
    That's both cool and ridiculous.

  • JimmyThr

    is the charming doctoral board gonna have to interview the doctoral candidate, and the thesis named "How i slept with 6 women in one night, 2 foursomes at a time"

  • Guest

    Wait...what? They're pretty much selling you tips that you can easily get for free and with good practice. However I would attend this course if the class is taught by a giant talking peanut.

  • gjgbull

    As a former M.I.T. student I can inform you that they've had a winter session "Charm" course for years.  The only change is the shorter classes and degree attached.  BTW, you can also earn a minor in Pirating (you have to take classes in fencing and sailing) YARRRRRRRR.

  • gjgbull

    I went to M.I.T. and they've had a winter session "Charm" course for years.  These new courses are only different in that they're shorter and you can earn a "degree".

  • Josh Holcomb

    that's awesome

  • n_a_a_s

     no it's not, it's pathetic & sad that MIT students qualify for something as ridiculous as 'charm training'.  Charm isn't taught or learned, you either have it or you dont.  This is as pointless as trying to school a gay person into heterosexuality

  • n_a_a_s

    '....offering 15-minute courses in being charming for the socially inept' 

    You mean people on twitter?  Yeah, they're pretty helpless so you need not bother

  • Rayn_A

    Oh god I want that on my resume...

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