I Smell A New Clubhouse!: 1/3 Scale TIE Fighter For Sale

March 20, 2012


This is a 1/3 scale plywood TIE fighter for sale on Craigslist in the Seattle area. It's the perfect place to hide away from your family and contemplate what a deadbeat dad you are.
*ahem* VADER.

Have the coolest toy in your neighborhood! Approximately 1/3 scale TIE Fighter. 8x8x8 feet but breaks down into 5 pieces for easy transport in a pickup or can haul partially assembled (except for the top half of the wings) on a trailer. Wheeled casters make it easy to move once assembled. Laser cannons are set to fire standard party poppers. Well built out of 3/4 plywood with the wings sheeted in cardboard. Tested to hold over 300 pounds. Cockpit is 38 inches by 38 inches and my 5ft tall son comfortably sits inside. $150 or best offer

Wait -- did that say $150? I SWEAR IF ONE OF YOU READERS IN THE SEATTLE AREA DON'T BUY THIS THING RIGHT NOW I WILL HAVE ZERO RESPECT FOR YOU. Sure it's not the nicest TIE fighter, but it's definitely better than you could do for $150. Plus I'll fly up there (in my X-wing, der-der!) and we can do a photoshoot together in your new clubhouse. A NUDE one. No gurlz allowed.

Craigslist Ad
Screencap I took for when it goes down. You know, for posterity.

Thanks to Evil Ares, who's so evil if he sees this in your backyard he'll move it to his backyard and then tell you it's not the same one even if you carved your initials in it.

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