I Can Still See It -- I Can Still See It!: Mercedes-Benz Makes 'Invisible' Van To Advertise New Fuel Cell Cars

March 5, 2012


Mercedes Benz decked out one of their minivans with an LED screen on one side and a camera on the other that can stream it's feed to the screen to make the vehicle look invisible. It was done to advertise the company's new F-CELL hydrogen fuel cells, which generate zero emissions and make the vehicles they run -- wait for it -- INVISIBLE to the environment. Unless you hit a deer. If you hit a deer you f*** up an entire ecosystem.

Hit the jump for Wonder Woman's ground transportation.

Mercedes-Benz fuel cell car gets its own invisibility cloak [dvice]

Thanks to tom, scali_storm and Marcus, who sometimes mime riding invisible bicycles to freak out old people.

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