Heroes In A Quarter Shell, Tops: Minimalist Ninja Turtles

March 22, 2012


This is a small series of ultra-minimal (the opposite of these) Ninja Turtle prints by Geekologie Reader/artist Kevin. Each print (there's three -- the turtles, the good guys -- that's April O'Neil's cleavage, and the bad guys) is available in sizes up to 28" x 34" as well as iPhone skins and everything else Society6 makes. Except shirts. I really could use a shirt, Kevin. You know what I love about minimalism? It's just so...simple. "Wow, GW, really profound." I know -- I'm deeper than a bathtub.

Kevin's Society6 Store

Thanks Kevin, let me know when those shirts come out so I can give you a friend's address to send them to who will then hand-deliver them to my secret lair while making sure not to be followed.

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