Hell On Earth, Or, As The World Burns: Globe Fire Pit

March 15, 2012


This is the $1,700 'Third Rock' fire pit. It's a fire pit that looks like earth. It'll look great in my top-secret underground lair where I will contemplate my plans to make the whole world burn burn while watching a miniature version do just that. "Um, GW? I'm pretty sure that makes you a terrorist." Oh shi-shi. Abort post -- ABORT POST. *accidentally pushes red 'PUBLISH' button* OH NO. Quick secretary, burn all my important documents! *throwing voice* "Yes sir, Mr. GW! Right away, Mr. GW!" *dumping comics into fire pit*

Hit the jump for some closeups of the yes! YES! YEEESSSSSSSSS!




Fire Pit Art Product Site
Planet Earth Sculptural Fire Pit [laughingsquid]

Thanks to lindsay, who doesn't want to sit back and watch the world burn because she still has faith in humanity. *tussling hair* That's cute.

  • Guest

    Anyone want to roast some marshmallows over a burning planet?

  • inb4 Globe theatre. No one?

  • Michael Pokorny

    And Greenland is WAY out of scale. looks like somebody plasma-cut a flat projection then made a ball...

  • It looks like some one stole Europe. I'm sure the Atlantic is not that big. It still looks neat though.

  • Mike Perry

     Some day this will look right... after plate tectonics has its way with the Pacific Ocean anyway.

  • Monochromatyczny Wojownik

    Looking good - CAUSE IT'S BLACK , DAMMIT !!

  • rikster81

    "some men just want to watch the world burn".......wouldv'e been a hell'va title

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