Helicopter Crashes Filming Top Gear Segment

March 5, 2012


This is a short video of a helicopter crashing while filming a segment for the Korean version of Top Gear (aka The Deadliest Gear). Thankfully, there were no serious injuries. *breathes a big sigh of relief, accidentally huffs a dog fart* CHLOOOOOOEEEE!!!!!1

During a filming of the Korean Top Gear, an AH1 Cobra helicopter was being used to film a Corvette in the Arizona desert, when the pilot lost control. Amazingly, both helicopter pilots were treated at the scene and walked away unharmed.

Nice, I love happy endings. Unless I'm watching a movie, then I like sad endings. I PAID $12 TO SEE THIS SHIT -- I WANNA FEEL EMOTIONS, DAMMIT. "Settle for gum under your armrest?" I. hate. everyone.

Hit the jump for the never try to fly a helicopter and operate a video camera at the same time.


Thanks to Terrence, who's never crashed a helicopter but has crashed parties before and wound up making lots of friends. Me? I always get kicked out for trying to steal liquor.

  • disqus_L9dZdpzqKT

    The cobra wasnt film it . It was racing it

  • Was that launchpad mcquack flying

  • artilleryboy

    Still they handled it like a boss

  • artilleryboy

    What do you expect, Its korea

  • Meewok

    Wait, a cobra crashed INSTEAD of a Corvette? I'm astonished!!

  • This_Update_Sucks

    Still better than Top Gear USA.

  • dude should have practiced in an empty server first.

    inverted controls, anyone?

  • Guest

    I suppose what helped is that the type of ground they landed on -- to absorb much o' the shock that could of caused a lot more damage. Any who good to hear that it wasn't fatal.

  • First read it as "both helicopter and pilot walked away unharmed." Much more epic ending.

  • p_shep



  • Barry Rowlingson

    That wasn't a crash. That was a good landing. Any landing you can walk away from...

  • OH SHIT.

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