Heavy Rain Developer's New Playstation Tech Demo

March 12, 2012


Because I always like to arrive fashionably late to a party (then fill my backpack with beer and sneak out the back), here's a video that was circulating last week of Quantum Dream's (Heavy Rain's developer) latest tech demo running on a PS3 in real-time. It's called 'KARA', and centers around a female humanoid who starts to experience real emotions while being constructed on an assembly line. It freaked me the f*** out to the point I had to slam my laptop shut and I could still hear her talking for a couple seconds afterward. Then I threw the whole thing in a fire AND YOU COULD HEAR HER SCREAM. Just kidding, that was my babysitter yelling "holy shit your parents are gonna kill me!" but she should know better than to leave me alone. SHOULDN'T YOU, AMANDA? *leaping down stairs with scissors*

Hit the jump for the video.


Thanks to Angel Mass, carlos, Spamalot and Duncan, who agree any humanoids who start feeling emotions should have the cord pulled STAT.

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