HAAAAAPPY Pi DAY!: A Numerical Apple Pie

March 14, 2012


Haaaaappy Pi Day! To think, in just three years we'll be celebrating a very SPECIAL Pi Day because it'll be 3.14.15. And then we'll all go buck-wild at 9:26 because it'll be 3.14.15 9:26!! I can hardly wait. Yes, yes I can. I could wait three lifetimes and then not care if I ever actually saw it happen or not because I just cheated death and lived like 250 years. Could you imagine if people actually lived that long? We would look terriiiiiible. I saw an old lady on the bus just a couple days ago that couldn't have been over 80, but man, she looked like the guy who drank from the wrong cup in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.

My submission for Pi day: the apple Pi [aperiodictableblog] (with a recipe for making the pi pie in the picture)
Apple Pi [laughingsquid]

Thanks to eric, Vulcan Neck Cramp (you're doing it wrong) and Suz, who celebrate cake the other 364 days a year. And to EmilyGZL, who went on this whole 'who cares about pi, it's all about tau!' conspiracy theory. "She's right you know." I was afraid of that.

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  • As you all know, this is rubbish!!  Pi day would be the 31st of the 4th of 15... April only has 30 days (30 days has September, April, June, etc, etc...), so Pi day does not exist! (except if you're American and write your dates backwards...

  • Your date system is illogical.

  • It's also Steak and a BJ day. Not that you would know

  • It's my Mum's Birthday today. And Einstein's.

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