Guess Them All Or Die: The Alphabet Of Sci-Fi Movies

March 12, 2012


This is the alphabet of sci-fi films from designer Stephen Wildish (NOT Stephen Wildest, who just jumped off the roof with a hang glider made out of a refrigerator box), who created the previous series of decade movie posters. Can you guess them all? Here, I'll get you started: A is for Aliens. "Yeaaaaaah, I'm pretty sure that's supposed to be The Abyss." Yeah? Well I'm pretty sure you're about to get punched, Mr. Smartypants.

Stephen's Website
Sci-Fi Film Alphabet, Poster That Quizzes Your Sci-Fi Movie Knowledge [laughingsquid]

Thanks to linda, who agrees the alphabet is overrated. Yeah -- numbers too!

  • Brody Rebne

    Faking updaet teh laeowt alredy im board with tihs won nou

  • X-Men is most certainly science fiction. Sci-fi is about ideas and the idea of people who have mutated- evolved special powers is right up sci-fi's alley. It's certainly just as sci-fi as any Star Wars film.

  • X-Men is NOT a science fiction film.

  • why not?
    genetics is a science therefore genetic mutations leading to super powers is a sci fi. also they have futuristic robots, time travel and laser weapons
    it does overlap with fantasy but certainly has an element of sci fi in it

  • mother f*cker cock sucker. not this white shite again, mate!

  • Emmitt Morgans

    1) Bitch about new layout
    2) Gets tons of likes
    3) ???
    4) PROFIT!!!

  • Mister Cerberus


  • Thomas Williams

    Get ride of the new layout, improvement for the sake of improvement is not an improvement.

  • afterooster

    The complete answer key:

    Abyss, the
    Blade Runner
    Empire Strikes Back, Star Wars Episode V, the
    Fly, the
    Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, the
    I, Robot
    Judge Dread
    King Kong
    Nineteen Eighty-Four(actual title: 1984)
    Last Starfighter, the
    Omega Man, the
    Planet of the Apes, the
    Running Man
    Universal Soldier
    V the miniseries
    War of the Worlds, the
    Yor, the Hunter from the Future

  • Stephanie Ayer

    A - Abyss
    B - Blade Runner
    C - Cube
    D - Dune
    E - Empire Strikes Back
    F - The Fly
    G - Godzilla
    H - Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
    I - I, Robot
    J - Judge Dredd
    K - King Kong
    L - Last Starfighter
    M - Moon
    N - Nineteen Eighty-Four
    O - Omega Man
    P - Planet of the Apes
    Q - Quarantine (1989)
    R - Running Man
    S - Solaris
    T - Tron
    U - Universal Soldier
    V - V - The Final Battle
    W - War of the Worlds
    X - X-men
    Y - Yor, The Hunter from the Future
    Z - Zardoz

  • they pulled my previous post,  i guess because I had a link to a poster?  Anyway ...  S is for SOLARIS.

    e is for editing your post to look like you figured something out before someone else did.

  • O is Omega Man, L is The Last Starfighter, M is probably Moon, N is probably Nineteen Eighty-four, F is The Fly maybe?  no idea what C, Q, or S are though.

  • C is Cube. Q is Quarantine. S is Solaris. 

  • Paul Eppleston

    Here's an end run at a list:

    Blade Runner
    Empire Strikes Back
    Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
    I, Robot
    Judge Dread
    King Kong
    Logan's Run? Can't find a reference pic for the helmet
    Planet of the Apes
    Running Man
    Universal Soldier
    V the miniseries
    War of the Worlds
    Yor, the Hunter from the Future

  • F is The Fly.
    N is 1984.
    M is Moon.

  • Josh

     L is for Last Star Fighter.

  • Paul Eppleston

     Damn, I knew that helmet looked familiar!

  • Josh

     C is for Cube.

  • Qthedude16

    I am ashamed to admit I have no idea what most of these are, I would like a list of answers especially for X Y and Z

  • Paul Eppleston

     X-men; Yor, the Hunter from the Future; Zardoz

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