Geekologie Reader's Homemade DJ Light Stage

March 5, 2012


Geekologie Reader (and half of DJ duo Skitzophonics) Stefan went and built this custom stage for when he and his bro Flip (the other half of Skitzophonics) perform. It lights up to the fresh beats they drop and mesmerizes audiences with f***ing rainbows and fades and all kinda shit that would make you puke your face off with happiness if you ever saw it live.

Presenting: The Paranormal Unicorn Stage

An audio-visual delicacy, the Paranormal Unicorn is a DJ stage custom made only for the juiciest of parties. Together with the DJ duo Skitzophonics, hundreds of hours of sweat, blood and alcohol were spent creating this sexy piece of eye candy.

Guys -- I want you to come play my next birthday party. And I'm not just saying that because nobody showed up last year and I'm hoping the music & light-show will draw a crowd, but it's worth a shot. Jesus -- anything's better than crying into an ice cream cake alone again. "Hey, at least you had an ice cream cake." *crying* I lied about the cake, okay?! It was a PB & J. :(

Hit the jump for a video of the stage doing its thing.

Youtube (with links to their info if you live in Vienna and want to check them out)

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