Fridge Magnet Automatic Pizza Delivery Order Button

March 27, 2012


This is a fridge magnet that you press to automatically order your favorite pizza combo from Red Tomato Pizza in Dubai. Don't live in Dubai? Then you're stuck ordering online or calling LIKE SOME F***ING CAVEMAN HOBO. The device works via Bluetooth and is synced to your smartphone to order the predetermined pizza of your choice BUT IT BETTER HAVE MUSHROOMS. A confirmation is then sent to your phone as your pizza begins its journey to your pie-hole. Simple! Is Pizza Hut going to steal the idea and run with it here in the U.S.? Absolutely. Am I going to push the button every time I come over to your place? Yes, multiple times. Am I gonna chip in a couple bucks when the food arrives? Not a snowcone's chance in the devil's butthole. *opening fridge* There better be a 2-liter of Dew in here.

Hit the jump for a commercial.

Refrigerator magnet offers one-touch pizza ordering [dvice]

Thanks to flint and Resposado, who order pizza the old fashioned way: on the phone with a mustachioed man speaking in an Italian accent so thick you have ZERO CLUE if he understood any part of your order until it arrives.

  • Clever idea! Does it really work?

  • doom

    I am Sofa King Re Tar Dead.

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  • Dirgible

    Sound effects plus. I quite enjoyed that one.

  • mrbryant

    Two pushes in quick succession for a side dish, three for a drink or press and hold to cancel the order.

  • James Haswell

    It's like an app for your fridge!

  • blake mooney

    friend comes over.....pushes button 50 times

  • Sylvain Gagné

    VIP fridge button for all demands, for alcohol, beer, nurse, coke ;-) , topless and more!!!

  • Javier Ruiz

    "PUSH FOR HUNGER" ? No thanks, I'm hungry enough already...

  • JimmyThr

     Design flaw, pretty sure someone got fired, or maybe they use it somewhere like...i dunno Dubai and no one cares about it.

  • Guest

    The speed-dial will be a thing of the past. to make a chicken curry + egg rolls to order from my fav take out place. :d

  • first!!!

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