For The Ladies: Hand-Painted Nintendo Heels

March 13, 2012


As far as custom painted shoes go, these are some of the better ones I've seen. *eyeballing other hand-painted shoes we've seen in the past* Okaaaaaaay, well at least these ones are on par with the other ones we've seen, and Etsy seller MagicBeanBuyer gets bonus credit for accurateness. Plus they're high heels -- everyone loves high heels! I love high heels so much one time I was marching around in my apartment pretending to be a sassy baton twirler and rolled my ankle but refused to take the heels off. You wanna know what I did? "Something I'm gonna judge you for?" YES -- filled my purse with ice and turned it into a cold compress! I'm really fashion forward.

Hit the jump for a rear-view of these guys, some underworld Mario ones, some Zelda ones, and some Mario FLATS (I know ladyshoes!).









MagicBeanBuyer's Etsy
You Won't Jump Over the Flagpole in These Awesome Mario Heels [kotaku]

Thanks to Blair, who doesn't wear heels because they're too impractical. Too impractical, or because you're seven-feet tall? "I'm five-foot six!" I've been wrong before.

  • Ellie
  • BriteSkittle

    Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeep... I'll see how I can order myself a pair of these...

  • Those are great looking shoes - and I'm not that into shoes really.And I don't tend to wear heels too much, because I am tall, but I'd wear the heck out of those.

  • Guest

    Pretty awesome shoes. I dig the black dungeon shoes the most.

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