For Real: PMS-ing Women Better At Spotting Snakes

March 9, 2012


According to a recent study conducted by Nobuo Masataka at Kyoto University, women on their periods are better at spotting snakes than when they're not. I've come up with a lot of studies before, but NEVER anything that involved hanging around a bunch of PMS-ing women. You're a sick man, Nobuo.

[Researcher Nobuo] had 60 women look at a nine-photo grid featuring eight "neutral, non-scary" flowers and one snake shot. The results showed that they could spot the snakes faster during the "luteal" (aka PMS-y) part of their cycles, suggesting a biological mechanism that can "help pregnant and potentially pregnant women stay safe."

A biological mechanism to help pregnant women stay safe -- or -- OR -- a biological mechanism to help women identify wieners and scream at whoever they're attached to? "Ahahahahhaha -- there is NO WAY your girlfriend's letting you sleep in the bed tonight." Already rolled my sleeping bag out on the couch.

Women with PMS are better at seeing snakes [msn]

Thanks to Johnny Freakin Call, who understands women on a level nobody without 'Freakin' in the their name could even comprehend.

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