For Real: PMS-ing Women Better At Spotting Snakes

March 9, 2012


According to a recent study conducted by Nobuo Masataka at Kyoto University, women on their periods are better at spotting snakes than when they're not. I've come up with a lot of studies before, but NEVER anything that involved hanging around a bunch of PMS-ing women. You're a sick man, Nobuo.

[Researcher Nobuo] had 60 women look at a nine-photo grid featuring eight "neutral, non-scary" flowers and one snake shot. The results showed that they could spot the snakes faster during the "luteal" (aka PMS-y) part of their cycles, suggesting a biological mechanism that can "help pregnant and potentially pregnant women stay safe."

A biological mechanism to help pregnant women stay safe -- or -- OR -- a biological mechanism to help women identify wieners and scream at whoever they're attached to? "Ahahahahhaha -- there is NO WAY your girlfriend's letting you sleep in the bed tonight." Already rolled my sleeping bag out on the couch.

Women with PMS are better at seeing snakes [msn]

Thanks to Johnny Freakin Call, who understands women on a level nobody without 'Freakin' in the their name could even comprehend.

  • robotanna

    cool misogyny brosef

  • Guest

    Badger...badger...badger....badger...oh snnnaaaakkkeee....oooohhh itsss aaa snaaakee. First thing that came to mind, sorry.

  • whatthe fuckgw

    Okay, so... I thought we bitched hard enough last time to keep things nice and dark.

  • Another bullshit pop science research.

  • I also get flying abilities. Makes my trip to the cupcake ATM a whole lot faster.

  • Dani Reader

    where the fuck did they find that picture?

  • Darn, I'm only better at crying and eating chocolate during my luteal phase.

  •  Or have you only tried crying and chocolate during your luteal phase? Maybe it's the combination of the way tears refract light and the heightened brain activity that occurs while ingesting cocoa derivatives that produces such results!

    Either way our audience feels for you, so we shared your comment on the Pewlpit, as the lead to this story.

  • Ig Nobel nominee!

  • Georgia

    I'm sure many people will point this out but PMS-ing women--by very definition--are NOT on their periods. You do know that, right, GW?

  • lorobird

     That's what I was going to say... PMS means pre menstrual syndrome (which in any case is full of myths and misogyny... mythsogyny!!). Pre means before. So, not menstruating.

  • You'd think that with women making up more than half of the population (51% in US), talking about the natural functions of a woman's body wouldn't be treated with disrespect equal to playground snickers. I like this blog, but come on, don't ridicule women. It makes you sound jealous.

  • n_a_a_s

    well it makes sense since PMSing women are spotting themselves

  • And what is that supposed to mean?

  • n_a_a_s


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