For Real: Man Flies By Flapping Arms w/ Attached Wings

March 20, 2012


UPDATE: Fake-ass hoax. I'm so ashamed. No -- no I'm not. I am topless though.

Seen here pretending to be Condorman, Jarno Smeets takes flight by running and flapping his wings, just like an ostrich. "Ostriches can't fly." Just like a dragon. "Dragons aren't real." You know, it breaks my heart to know you've truly lost all imagination. So yeah, the system, which amplifies Jarno's arm movement to the wings, allows him to fly -- just like a penguin. "Oh Jesus." No, Jesus never flew.

He developed the wings over an 8-month period. They use a special motion mechanism that is controlled by special software controlled by a haptic system. This allows him to literally start flapping his arms while running to take off and fly...

This first test took him just over a distance of 328 feet (100 meters) but obviously he's planning to go higher and farther than that. Jarno is ecstatic, he says: "I have always dreamed about this. But after 8 months of hard work, research and testing it all payed off."

I'm still shocked this even worked, but is that gonna stop me from half-assing my own pair of wings and plummeting to certain death from the top of the my apartment building? "I sure f***ing hope not!" Wow, have I ever told you you're the silver lining around my darkest cloud? "No." Well it's because you're a jerk.

Hit the jump for the video.

Human Birdwings Project Page
Man Flies Like a Bird Flapping His Own Wings [gizmodo]

Thanks to Sak, who flies like they do in the future: with the simple push of his jetpack ignition switch.

  • mike

    yes thanx

  • McfeelySmackup

    wow...just wow.  Geekologie has been taken in by plenty of hoaxes before,  but this one really takes the cake.  I'd actually have to sit down and work at making the list of things that reveal this to be a hoax, even without watching past one frame of the video. 
    1.   How many times in a row can you lift your body weight with your outstretched arms?  Zero?  right, then you're never...ever going to flap wings and fly.  the best you could ever do is fall more slowly.
    2.  the wings are not aerodymanic in the slightest, they're obviously designed by someone looking at bird wings, not airfoils.
    3.  fuck it, I already lost interest.  you people are too gullible to live.

  • what do you mean "you people"?  most of us have been saying that it's fake long before you ever posted... you're too slow to live

  • McfeelySmackup

     Well, a "smart man" might assume that "you people" addresses the people named in the second line of the post, i.e. "geekologie".  Or a less smart man might assume every comment is directed at him personally.

    I'd let you decide for yourself which you are, but clearly you already have.

  • mike

    hi there can u tell me where did my writing went? i wrote a few lines nd wen i clicked on share it disapeared i had not sighn in or became a member intill after sorry but i wounder if it got lost nd thats even better b/cause a friend tells me not to write the idea on flying mechanism ect...but we made it happened w/ wings made by me n partner we'll make a video soon thanx reply ok? i am new at this lol i feel stuped haa ha

  • Jasper van der Eng

    Sorry to burst anyone's bubble: the guy admitted on a dutch talkshow the whole shebang is indeed fake as plastic dog doodoo. He's actually a filmmaker who wanted to do an experiment on social media. Put short: he succeeded. I probably think this is even more awesome than if it was really true...

  • Chris Orlando

    Stupid red bull giving this man wings.

  • RDarker

    I don't get it.

  • I ran some calculations and this is what I came up with.....
    Lets say the guy weighs 175 lbs and his max altitude is 30ft in the video. I counted and he did  20 strokes to get to that altitude. lets also be very generous and say he inclined at 45 degrees during lift.  from an energy stand point that is almost 10000J in about 20 strokes!
    thats equivalent to benching about 185 lbs 20 times straight in a matter of 30 seconds or less. Judging by his stature, I doubt he could do that........

    Physics wins. 

  • Guest

    mammal with webbed wings = bat.  We have ourselves a bat man folks.

  • Gui_letters

    I understand this is a blog and all that, but could you not even do a tiny amount of research before posting "Physics is broken"

  • I think the double really shows when he starts pumping the wings, it looks so terrible. 

  • eljenxo

    Yeah, from 34 to 38 seconds in the video the clearly fake up and down motion of the "pilot" looks like really bad stop motion video from a cheap 1970's fantasy film.

  • eljenxo

    Bring back the real Geekologie Writer :(

  • MrFree

    Isn't that the real GW?

  • Shut up and take my money!!!!

  • What sucks is I want so badly for this not to be fake. I just can't convince myself its real. The Planet of the Apes movie recently did a similar line of "real" advertisement showing apes and chimps doing intellegent things like play COD and use an AK-47, some of them were pretty convincing at first too. Though this one has no clear advertisement purpose yet.

  • There's another video of his first test from a while back in which he jumps about 3m and claims its a success..

  • DasFXI

    This is the fakest thing that's ever been fake.

  • Johannes Roussel

    Fake ...

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