Fads Of The Future: Chanel Bejeweled Eyebrows

March 13, 2012


Seen here looking like someone who's dedicated her life to finding and killing Superman, a woman displays Chanel's new eyebrow jewels. You know, because those exist. Granted I'm not thrilled about it, but I also found out the lady who lives downstairs has been sifting through my garbage looking for bloody tissues so she can finish her voodoo doll of me, so I've kind of got bigger fish to fry right now. Per Chanel:

"The inspiration for the make-up look came from a few key words and a sketch that Karl Lagerfeld provided: minerals, shading and eyebrows were the key words and the sketch showed a face with stone-lined eyebrows," explained Peter Philips - creative director of Chanel Make-up. "So the focus was on the eyebrows, which led me to interpret Karl's drawing and the 'mineral' emphasis by creating straight, graphic eyebrows."

Not gonna lie, Peter -- it sounds like you interpreted Lagerfeld's sketch all wrong. Stone-lined eyebrows? Obviously he was trying to draw a Goron from the Zelda franchise. Think the Thing from Fantastic Four, but fatter and willing to sell you a bomb bag for 120 rupees. Yeah, you f***ed up hard on this one, homey.

Hit the jump for different models with the treatment in case you weren't sure if Chanel purposefully hires alien-looking models/we should just set the whole world on fire and call it a day.



The Brow Factor [vogue] (f*** yeah I link to Vogue now!)
Bejeweled Eyebrows [neatorama]

Thanks to tom, who agrees the best eyebrow accessory is a really cool scar and a story to go along with it. Yeah! I got this one when I tripped and fell chasing an ice cream truck.

  • TJ

    This looks is so odd, I hope it doesn't become a "thing". 

  • Ramuran

    If these were slightly more eyebrow-shaped, they might look better, but as big, straight-edged rectangles of glitter, they look terrible... I still wouldn't prefer them either way, though :/

  • I'm disappointed that they didn't actually shave off the models eyebrows before applying the ugly gemstony ones. 

  • Just when I thought women plucking their eyebrows out and drawing them back on with a pencil was stupid...this happens.

  • Those are weird, but I sort of like them. Not sure I'd actually wear them though.

  • Bottom left reminds me of the girl form Hey Arnold.

  • Eli

    Great, another reason not to take women seriously; make them look like muppets. Are these designers serious?

  • Cool!

    Way cooler than a white background!

  • Hanadulset

    the funniest thing to me is that fashion and fashion models are never actually pretty anymore. it's all about who and what looks the fucking weirdest.

  • AKit Oriley

    Reminds me of Spock.

    I HATE the white.  Please go back to black.   You are not adhering to the  "once you go black you never go back" rule!

  • Thomas Williams

    Why are you not listening to the readers, the white must go!

  • Bring back Black!

  • n_a_a_s

    looks awful

  • Nathan Oakes

    First....now bring back the black!

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