End Of An Era: GameStop To Cease Gamecube Trade-Ins

March 26, 2012


In cripplingly depressing news, GameStop has announced they'll stop accepting Nintendo Gamecube related trade-ins April 2nd. "They still were?" Ha, it's news to me too. No word if Genesis games are still a go. So yeah, if you have any Gamecube game you want to get rid of, now's your last chance to snag 30-cents in store credit. Just don't go blowing it all in one place! Kidding, you have to -- it's store credit.

GameStop ending GameCube trade-ins on April 2 [joystiq]

Thanks to Adam K, who just traded in two Gamecube consoles and like 40 games and almost has enough to buy the strategy guide he's had his eye on. Strategy guide?! LOL.

  • Guest

    Gamecube was an impressive step between the N64 and the Wii.  However the PS2 has always been king during that time zone (just my opinion onion). I suppose that was due to the natural backwards compatibility giving it a more diverse selection of flavors. :d

  • Mighty Molecule

    There were only 3 exclusive titles that required a GameCube purchase back in the early 2000's. They were all made by Capcom and ended in 0, 1, and 4.

  • ShandoCalrissian

    Dreamcast 2! 
    Dreamcast 2!

  •  I traded in a system complete with 2 controllers and got $2. :| Not worth it in any sense of the word.

  • Mighty Molecule

    I'll never forgot the time I dropped the American verisons of FFII, FFIII, FFVII (original black) and Secret of Mana in their unopened-glory down on the dude behind the counter to trade-in for that purchase of Dead to Rights: Redemption. Still had to pay a difference of $17 bucks. 

  •  You srs? 4 amazing games for a chunk off of a terrible game? THATS INSANE.

    Another awesome story. Tried to trade in an MLB game for the PS3 which was a version from the year previous and all they would offer me was $0.05.


    Yep. I refused and thought I'd get more than 5 cents worth of entertainment out of chucking it at someone.

  • SlipperieSlope

    Gamecube wasn't even worth 30cent...

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