Driving On The Sidewalk: Volvo's Pedestrian Airbag

March 12, 2012


You ever been hit by a car before? It's a day-ruiner, right up there with pouring cereal before realizing you're out of milk. It's hard to bounce back after that. And now Volvo is manufacturing V40's with a pedestrian airbag that deploys across the windshield in the event YOU'RE F***ING TEXTING AND HIT SOMEONE. Or maybe they were texting. The point is, someone was doing something they shouldn't. Also, I like how the airbag obstructs your view after deployment (but not actually enough to save somebody who lands in the middle), because hitting a pedestrian WILL stop your car and you won't just be blindly driving through the middle of an intersection at that point (fingers crossed they didn't skimp on seatbelts and interior airbags).

Hit the jump for a conceptual video of somebody being saved by the bag and not just flying over the top of the car like happens in real life. *knocking on plate in head*

Volvo's V40 car features airbags for pedestrians [wired.uk]

Thanks to Martin, who agrees you're gonna see a ton of these pedestrian airbags popping up on eBay because people will cut them out of their own cars to make a quick buck because "f*** other people, they shouldn't be walking in front of my car anyways", that's why.

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