Drinking Through Meat!: Hollow Slim Jim Straws

March 9, 2012


Let's say you went out last night and got as drunk as I did and then woke up this morning feeling like two @$$holes stapled together -- what would you do? Exactly, get drunk again to alleviate the pain. Enter Benny's Bloody Mary Beef Straws, the straw that not only allows you to suck up all that delicious, tomatoe-y booze, but makes sure you don't go hungry in the process. They cost $24/pack, but I'm not really sure how many that is. Definitely enough for alcohol poisoning though.

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Bloody Mary Beef Jerky Straws [incrediblethings]

Thanks to bb, who once made a Bloody Mary with wasabi in it and it was so delicious I drank it all when she went to the bathroom. MY BAD.

  • ahh... so tasty! Can you share the recipe please?
    Thanks, @Linda

  • n_a_a_s

    So someone goes and sticks a trapanized beef stick thats being humped by a pickle next to a cheese stick being murdered by an olive in a jar of spaghetti sauce with sand on the rim and calls that a bloody mary?? 

  • bill engval better get credit for this!  he said this idea in one of his old standup routines.

  • Guest

    ah, it's like the savory version of those cereal straws. hrmm...I wonder if there will be a also bacon version soon?

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