Dr. Who TARDIS Themed Engagement Ring

March 14, 2012


This is a TARDIS themed engagement ring designed by Tumblr user Pathetic Paripatetic. Now before all you Dr. Who fangirls start soliciting proposals, it's just a rendering. Granted I suppose you could actually get one made, but then your man would miss out on the opportunity to surprise you himself. "F*** HIM, I MUST HAVE IIIIIIIIT!" You...just spit on me.

It's a Police Box based ring with a tension set 1CT Princess Cut center stone. The three round stones is the Police Box sign, the two sets of four baguettes symbolize the windows, and a small princess cut below that to symbolize the instructions found on the front of the Police Box.

No word if the ring is actually bigger on the inside than it is on the outside, but if it is that would make it easier for it to accidentally slip off and fall down a drain. And where does that leave you? "Tearing the drain apart with a Sonic Screwdriver?" Wow, you are like, way more into this Dr. Who thing than I thought.

Hit the jump for a 360-degree animated gif of the ring.


I Was Bored And Made This [patheticpripatetic]
TARDIS Ring of the Day [geeks.thedailywh.at]

Thanks again to Mark, who has every intention of indecently proposing to his special lady with a penis-shaped ring pop. You...are clearly a match made in heaven wreck.

  • Claudio Dorro

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  • A TARDIS participate under the title includes diamond and sapphire blue tones pretty resulting gamma is also beautiful and faithful to the series of Dr Who series.

  • Esri Allbritten

    Why is the center stone not a sapphire? Whyyyyy?!

  • If a man got down on 1 knee and said "I wanna be the only Mad Man with a Box in your life" and pulled out a TARDIS ring box, I would say yes!

  • casey

    I am straighter then a line but IDC if a guy proposed to me with this I would say yes in a heart beat

  • Wow looks pretty modern

  • princess cut wedding band

    The princess cut wedding band gives a flawless look to your hand when it is plated with high carat diamonds. Although it is expensive but the look can remove the downside of its expensiveness.

  • Karen Borter

    My friends boyfriend had the Tardis ring made for her .... he hunted down the maker of the ring and Did the center stone with a sapphire.

  • Courtney Miller

    I know you're all gonna bitch, but it's Doctor Who, not Dr. Who. It's a Whovian thing. We don't like it when people use Dr. instead of Doctor.

  • Where can on buy these rings?

  • You can also build a TARDIS photobooth like this guy did for a wedding

  • Steve Long

    Thanks TW. It's an awesome TARDIS Photobooth ;-)

  • Its a really stunning diamond on a ring, surrounded by a lot of diamonds, I once went to a jewellery and the jeweler told me it was a whatever ring, that he didnt know what stone it was but that he would give me 11,000 dlls for it,

  • disqus_MHHPuokcpE

    I would re-marry my husband in a double heartbeat for this ring!!!

  • DE

    I would love to the same for the ring. ;-D

  • Diamonds, apart from their natural colours like blue, yellow and black, have also become a popular choice of ladies these days, as they make them look different from crowd. Other stones such as sapphire, emerald and ruby would also be studded with small diamonds to form an amazingcombination.

  • Neeraj Sood
  • Jessey Weise

    O please tell me this is a real thing and be bought somewhere... o please! I'd even take CZ instead of diamonds o please!!!

  • Awesome choice - I LOVE Tension rings. I spent a year researching and shopping for the perfect tension engagement ring for my Fiance. If you want the finest quality tension rings, there's none better than Gelin Abaci. You have to be careful with tension rings - the band needs to be thick enough and properly made to hold the diamond. Also, no CZs! Cubic Zirconium would shatter the first time you tapped it on a solid surface.

  • Brandon

    Shouldn't there be a light in the center setting?

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