Dr. Who TARDIS Themed Engagement Ring

March 14, 2012


This is a TARDIS themed engagement ring designed by Tumblr user Pathetic Paripatetic. Now before all you Dr. Who fangirls start soliciting proposals, it's just a rendering. Granted I suppose you could actually get one made, but then your man would miss out on the opportunity to surprise you himself. "F*** HIM, I MUST HAVE IIIIIIIIT!" You...just spit on me.

It's a Police Box based ring with a tension set 1CT Princess Cut center stone. The three round stones is the Police Box sign, the two sets of four baguettes symbolize the windows, and a small princess cut below that to symbolize the instructions found on the front of the Police Box.

No word if the ring is actually bigger on the inside than it is on the outside, but if it is that would make it easier for it to accidentally slip off and fall down a drain. And where does that leave you? "Tearing the drain apart with a Sonic Screwdriver?" Wow, you are like, way more into this Dr. Who thing than I thought.

Hit the jump for a 360-degree animated gif of the ring.


I Was Bored And Made This [patheticpripatetic]
TARDIS Ring of the Day [geeks.thedailywh.at]

Thanks again to Mark, who has every intention of indecently proposing to his special lady with a penis-shaped ring pop. You...are clearly a match made in heaven wreck.

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