Digital Kids: Light-Up TRON Inspired Baby Stroller

March 27, 2012


This is a TRON inspired baby stroller created by new dad Bhautik Joshi that's decked out with electroluminescent (EL) wire to glow at night. I like how Bhautik had the decency to take before and after pictures from an identical angle so you can really appreciate the transformation. Normally people don't bother. If this had been anybody else there would have been a before shot taken with the wrong ISO settings, a blurry picture of a cat, then an after shot taken from underneath with like a first generation camera phone that they decided to Instagram.

Hit the jump for a very short video of the lights coming on.

The TRON Baby Stroller Puts Your Infant into a Glowing Light Cycle [obviouswinner]

  • painweaver

    looks like a drunken hobo attached the wires

  • Anyone else see that giant, creepy head laying on the beanbag chair?

  • flatspotting

    Just about to ask that same question...

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