Diamond Ring Cut From A Single Giant Diamond

March 26, 2012


This is a $70-million diamond ring from jeweler Shawish Geneva that's been cut from a single 150-carat diamond. That...is a lot of carats. You could definitely feed a shit-ton of bunnies with that many carats. Then they'd get fat and happy and breed like crazy and you'll be all, "What have I done? Now I need a wolf to help control the population!" It's a slippery slope.

Hit the jump for a video animation of the ONE SIZE ONLY.

Jeweler's Site (with tons of shit you can't afford unless you actually can in which case call me, I have a business proposition for you)
The World's First All Diamond Ring [incrediblethings]

  • My God! These pieces are absolutely brilliant! The black swan version is
    exactly that – it evoked moving images of the movie when I first saw it!

  • Jacob Wadsworth

    Wow! That sure is something. Anyone would love to have something like that. I didn't even know that there is a diamond that big in terms of carats. No wonder it is very expensive. - http://www.diamond-me.com/

  • There are many types of engagement rings, making it different from each other are the shapes and styles. The thing that will make these rings and a different pattern of identification, of course diamonds. Diamond engagement rings cut from a huge diamonds become the most popular rings now days and great to have for the clash.

  • OMG that's stunning. Very dangerously to wear it.

  • Simon Paul

    Welcome to Simon G, designer of diamond engagement rings and artisan jewelry. Industry trendsetting designs from our world-famous designer diamond engagement rings to fabulous designer diamond fashion jewelry.


  • artilleryboy

    I would much rather had that diamond set in a ring instead of cutting it out into the shape of a ring. Bloody expensive. I Would consider it worth buying if i got the whole diamond, But i cant because im poor.

  • So...someone is willing to have their finger cut off for 70 mil huh?

  • Guest

    The ring seems that it was made with a rather unique design that is based on those low-priced plastic rings that are quite common. From what I can recall they were the plastic novelty rings or something.

  • Jadis

    my thoughts too, and I hated those things, but... damn, if I wouldn't wear this thing. If the box popped open with the question and THAT was inside! 'Yes' wouldn't cover it. 


    "Shawish"? More like GARISH, RIGHT


  • They ruined a giant giant diamond for some gimmicky publicity in my opinion. I prefer my 150 karat gems in a crown made of gold tyvm. 

  • want.

  • What happens if you drop it down a drain?

  • Jadis

    OOOOOh craaaaaap

  • KLanD

    Smack your hand on something... bye bye ring.

  • it's diamond...... just because it looks like glass doesn't mean it'll break like glass, dumby

  • KLanD

     Diamond is harder than glass, it is also much more brittle. Didn't you take basic science?

  • Mostafa Alattar

     Good luck resizing that

  • Arnkell Jónsson

    too bad diamonds break easily 

  •  Sorry Sweety  that ring you got was a fake diamond. Probably not even a CZ if your ring broke!

  • Frédéric Purenne

    Diamonds are brittle... open a science textbook once in a while. That's one fragile ring!

  • Hanadulset

    you're joking.... right?

  • ^ seriously.... they don't break easily at all...

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