Destroying New iPad With Powerful Burning Lasers

March 22, 2012


God I love electronic fumes.

Because apparently the new iPad isn't good for anything but being destroyed in Youtube videos, here's one from Wicked Lasers showing their Krypton and Arctic lasers and a couple Torch flashlights combining their powers to set one on fire. It serves as a decent reminder of-- "The ridiculous wastefulness of today's society?" I mean, sure, but I was gonna say to make sure you limit your iPad's exposure to powerful burning lasers. Like, if yours asks if it can sleep with one instead of a blanket tonight you need to be strong and say NO.

Hit the jump for the man that's two busted iPads and I still don't even have an old one. FOR SHAME.

Destroying an Ipad3 with Lasers and High Powered Torch Flashlights [obviouswinner]

Thanks to khz, who has one of those lightsaber lasers AND a new iPad but refuses to combine them because he's afraid it's gonna turn into a Transformer or something and try to kill him in his sleep. DOOOOOOO IT.

  • Laurent Maulin

    oh dear, poor device why do they constantly have to make a mess of it all ?
    ipad mini 2

  • Eloisa Louceiro

    Why do people do this? Here I am, with almost no money to spend, my laptop is dying, i'm in desperate need for an iPad or some kind of pad to work at my new course I'm taking so I can have a job, and this people is destroing these machines just because. This makes me sad :( and mad too.

  • n_a_a_s

    Who said that flash doesn't work on an ipad??

  • Tarukai

    steve jobs.

  • Matt D

    i've already got one of those lasers, quick! someone get me and ipad!

  • pookiepookieca

    Stupid and childish.

  • "But being destroying"
    Grammar man!

  • Monochromatyczny Wojownik

    Put  your ipad under the shirt -> it will shield you from laser -equipped ninjas

  • João Costa


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