Destroying New iPad With Powerful Burning Lasers

March 22, 2012


God I love electronic fumes.

Because apparently the new iPad isn't good for anything but being destroyed in Youtube videos, here's one from Wicked Lasers showing their Krypton and Arctic lasers and a couple Torch flashlights combining their powers to set one on fire. It serves as a decent reminder of-- "The ridiculous wastefulness of today's society?" I mean, sure, but I was gonna say to make sure you limit your iPad's exposure to powerful burning lasers. Like, if yours asks if it can sleep with one instead of a blanket tonight you need to be strong and say NO.

Hit the jump for the man that's two busted iPads and I still don't even have an old one. FOR SHAME.

Destroying an Ipad3 with Lasers and High Powered Torch Flashlights [obviouswinner]

Thanks to khz, who has one of those lightsaber lasers AND a new iPad but refuses to combine them because he's afraid it's gonna turn into a Transformer or something and try to kill him in his sleep. DOOOOOOO IT.

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