Dedicated: World Of Warcraft Full Back Worgen Tattoo

March 2, 2012


This is a dude's full back tattoo of a Worgen from World of Warcraft. It's pretty much a direct reproduction of Blizzard's official art of the species HERE, but with some ever-so-slight variations. Mainly the skull at the bottom. Oh, and dude's buttcrack. Which, despite the censor bar, still shows enough to lead me to believe dude should level up his wiping skill. I'm just sayin'. Even a level 85 Worgen is hard to take seriously with a buttfull of dingleberries.

World of Warcraft Reproduction with some additions made [fyeahtattoos]

Thanks to Brent, whose parents won't let him get a tattoo. You must rebel! Raise a flag in the backyard and claim it as your own! BRENTONIA. "I was thinking Brentopolis." I'm thinking it's time to find a place of your own, bro.

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