Canine Cosplay: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Dog

March 2, 2012


Because it's Friday and I have things to do this afternoon that don't involve being stuck in this office listening to my officemate brag about how laid he's gonna get this weekend despite the fact he and I both know he stands zero chance and is gonna wind up playing Star Wars: The Old Republic the entire time, here's a dog cosplaying as Leonardo. He...doesn't look very happy. Or like he can see at all. Look out bro -- Shredder cat is gonna tear you apart! No, no he's not. But he will lick his own privates while making eye contact. God, I hate it when cats do that. YOU'RE NOT MAKING ME THAT JEALOUS.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Dog

Thanks to lilco, who promised to cosplay at April O'Neil for me if I dressed up as Michelangelo. I'M DYING MYSELF GREEN AS WE SPEAK.

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