Can I Pay In Installments?: Badass Hunting Wheelchair

March 9, 2012


Inb4 where the f*** is the beer cooler attachment?

This is the $9,300 Action Trackchair, a motorized wheelchair trackchair made for hunting that has a wheelie bar in the back so you don't do backflips shooting at bears with a cannon. I must have one. The chair can reach breakneck speeds of up to 5MPH over outdoors-y terrain and includes options like headlights, gun-racks/mounts, and a place to rest your fishing pole. No word if they fit on those little wheelchair elevators they installed on all the city buses, but you better believe I'm gonna start a letter-writing campaign if they don't. Ooooor just get towed behind like a water skier.

Hit the jump for a 10-minute infomercial-y thing.

Product Site
Most Badass Wheelchair We've Ever Seen: Action Trackchair [wired]

Thanks to Woulfe, whose name might be even more badass than this wheelchair.

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