BURN: Destroying Plasma TV With Microwave Transformer

March 28, 2012


This is a video of a guy destroying a broken plasma screen by attaching a microwave transformer to the thing to overpower it. Did I mention brobro also provides some colorful commentary? Because he does that too. It takes a little while to get going though, so skip to around 1:30 for the real show to begin. Then skip around for a bit, because after that it's about 13-minutes of the same. I just can't in good conscious let you watch the whole thing. Because I care. "You tried to get me to cross the street with traffic coming!" I want you dead.

Hit the jump for the worthwhile arcing and sparking action, as well as another video of a different TV that goes faster, albeit less spectacular.

Burning plasma screen with breathtaking beauty [hackaday]

Thanks to the TOASTer, who can fry TV's too you but you don't hear him bragging about it because he prefers to mind his own business and just heat bagels and bread.

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