BRUTAL: Mounted Zombie Head Hunting Trophy

March 28, 2012


This is a mounted zombie head hunting trophy from artist Andrew Martin of Monster Caesar Studios. As you can see, it's pretty life-like. Or, should I say, undead-like. "You shouldn't say anything." I...should probably just stop talking. The trophy is available for $400 and is, I dunno, not really the thing I want staring at me while I'm trying to get intimate with my lady. Same goes for dogs. I said OUT guys -- go lie on the couch!

Hit the jump for shots from all angles, but be sure to hit Andrew's website for pictures of the build process as well as some of his other art including a worthwhile Salarian bust from Mass Effect.





Monster Caesar Studios (with sculptures/kits for sale)

Thanks to James, who claims he has a zombie head trophy he shot and mounted himself. Ha -- try explaining that to the cops when they show up for a noise complaint.

  • AlwaysRight

    But does it sing "Take Me To The River?"  If not, then Billy Bass still holds the #1 spot of shit on my wall.

  • A great way to ensure your family Thanksgiving dinner will end quickly, and aunt Agatha will never again set a foot in your house. Ever.

  • Cooler if it moved

  • boy that zombie sure took a beating before he finally bought the farm for good.

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