BEEP BOOP: 2,100-Piece R2-D2 LEGO Set Coming Soon

March 16, 2012


Tired of building your own unofficial LEGO R2-D2's? That's a first-world problem if I've ever heard of one. But LEGO is dropping a 2,100-piece astromech droid in May anyways as part of their Ultimate Collector Series. He stands just short of a foot tall, will cost around $250, and I will eat some of the pieces. "Some?" Most of.

Hit the jump for a video of some of the LEGO designers talking about the model. Man, I wanna be a LEGO designer.

Coming Soon: A Lego R2-D2 Set! [wired]

Thanks to lee, Tanya and Pais, who have every intention of buying the set despite not being 'Ultimate' collectors.

  • Jay Luke

    Now do a Johnny 5

  • Sorry, but this is actually the *second* time LEGO have made an R2-D2 model.  The first was in their Droidworks pack where you could actually make him follow a torch or sound.

  • it would be even more amazing if they could make r2 deploy lukes lightsaber

  • n_a_a_s

    another lego demonstration showing that lego can do anything with anything and generally accomplishing nothing

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