American Revolution Assassin's Creed III Gets A Trailer

March 5, 2012


Mass Effect III comes out TOMORROW and here I am fantasizing about hacking my way through a legion of redcoats with a f***ing hatchet -- WTF is wrong with me? "Everything." HA -- that's what the doctor said too. You know what I told him? I could smell your breath when you were checking my eyes with that magnifying light thing. I think he got the point. "Which was?" Invest in some breath mints. This is the first official Trailer for Assassin's Creed III (dropping October 30th) that's set during the American Revolution. I can't wait. Granted I'll have to, but I'll probably piss and/or shit my pants several times in the interim. What can I say, I'm excitable. "Or was never potty trained." I WAS RAISED BY BEARS. And not the Charmin ones.

Hit the jump and watch the video a couple times and get all excited and mark your calendar and then every day when we see each other in the halls at work we'll both go, "Only X days left, boner boner boner!" and high-five.

Official Site

Thanks to Oscar and doug, who agreed if they could travel to any time in history they'd choose the American Revolution because they both really suck at the time machine game.

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