AHAHAHA: Daylight Savings Time To Blame For Droughts

March 21, 2012


This is an article written to an Australian newspaper's 'Points of View' section where Chris Hill of Albury (who I suspect is a high-ranking public official) explains the cause of Australia's droughts is the extra hour of "hot afternoon sun" caused by daylights saving time. You can't argue with that science! Also, please don't get this guy started on any sort of miles-per-hour word problem. "What about magnets?" *slapping back of head* NOT A WORD.


Thanks to Mike L., who agrees we need to get this guy on solving global warming.

  • By the way peoples Chris Hill is a highly intelligent entrepreneur who likes to stir up the farmers in his local community - he originally wrote the piece for the 'letters' section of his local paper as a 'stir'.  It went Viral so the joke is now on you all.

  • SamuelThomas

    typical obama voter.

  • Brandon

    Stupid people give me headaches. What a fucking moron!

  • Magnets are fucking Magic bro!! 

  • Monochromatyczny Wojownik

    captain obvious strikes again  - and not magic.... Witchcraft !!!

  • Did anyone else read this as 'doughnuts'?

  • William Samuel

    This is like the guy who was convinced that NASA launches where causing global warming. Or the man who said that California has earthquakes because too many people were living on the edge of the continent. I pitty these fools.

  •  Why couldn't NASA launches contribute to global warming? All that carbon coming from the rockets... surely it's more than my car puts out.

  • cosmichippo

    Has anyone noticed that this is from 4 years ago and that there is a Chris Hill from Albury, who is a woman whose other notable appearance online is that she organized a rememberance ceremony for victims of SIDS, of which her son was one?  I'm sure she appreciated the distraction 4 years ago, of being mocked internationally, and that she'll be pleased to see it revived.  Does tragedy make a person untouchable?  No, but I won't be the one to mock her.

  • Hayley Prychun Rodgers

     Don't mock her, mock the educational system that spit her out.

  • This_Update_Sucks

    "Chris Hill"...Australian for "Dumbass"

  • Guest

    This would be much funnier and less sadder if this was a joke.

  • GlennBryant

    Seems like he was joking to me. It is you who are the fools, you are unable to pick up written sarcasm.

  • Brad Wells

    I suspect the poor responses to Chris's letter are from the USA. They can't take a trick.

  • MalfunctionX

    Pretty sure him and the Rainbow lady would be perfect together...

  • Reminds me of a girl I used to work with, who posed this question during a staff meeting:

    "Will we get paid overtime for the extra hour, or will it count as regular pay?"

  • Sarah Colliss

    All Australian are not that dumb! though Queensland people did tend to believe that an extra hour of sunlight would fade their curtains. hahaha

  • Hey not all Queenslanders are that stupid. 

  • Albury isn't in Qld though. And we just don't want daylight savings forced on us.

  • JonTheTerrible

    Wow...that's all I can say...wow.

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