Admittedly Touching: Optimus Prime Narrates NASA Ad

March 2, 2012


This is a video of Optimus Prime narrating a NASA commercial entitled 'We Are The Explorers'. It chronicles humankind's achievements in space travel and is more than a little ironic considering OPTIMUS ISN'T ONE OF US. Also, why do the robots want us going to space so bad unless they've already got booby traps set up? Down the rabbit hole. "Dammit GW, you're talking nonsense again." Up to the bird's nest. "I'm gonna stop reading now." Straight ahead into the bear cave.

Hit the jump for the yes I did get the chill bumps BUT ONLY BECAUSE I CARE ABOUT SPACE SO MUCH.

Optimus Prime NASA Ad of the Day []

Thanks to Mark, who agrees you should always do the opposite of what a robot tells you to unless it's got a reverse psychology chip installed in which case cross your fingers and flip a coin.

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