Yes, I'd Like A Pizza -- Half Pepperoni, Half Proposal: Pizza Hut's $10,010 Valentine's Engagement Special

February 9, 2012


Because you can't spell 'romancepizza' without 'pizza', Pizza Hut is running a $10,010 Valentine's engagement special that includes a ruby engagement ring, limo service, flower bouquet, fireworks display, professional photographer & videographer and, perhaps most importantly, pizza and breadsticks. Because nothing says "Will you marry me?" like marinara sauce dripping down your dress shirt. "This is so f***ing ridiculous. What a perfect testament to everything that's wrong with America. Come on, Taco Bell meal deal proposal or GTFO." OMG -- I was thinking the exact same thing! I mean, if it HAS to be pizza, it should at least be Little Caesar's. Pizza Hut, really? No thank you. Hey honey, I got you an engagement ring. And a pizza! AND REALLY BAD DIARRHEA LATER.

Official Pizza Hut Product Site (get drunk and order one, I dare you!)
The $10,010 Pizza Hut Ultimate Valentine's Day Proposal in a Box [obviouswinner]

Thanks to Terry re, who proposed the old fashioned way: getting down on one knee, then passing out. Classic.

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