WTF Happened To You?: Griffon's Leaf-Nose Bat

February 28, 2012


This is Griffon's Leaf-Nose bat of Vietnam. Now, I know what you're thinking. "That its nose looks like a vagina?" WHAT -- NO! I don't know what nudie magazines you're buying but they are the WRONG ONES. *shivers* Great, now you made me lose me train of thought. *chugga chugga, chugga chugga -- CHOO CHOO!* Haha, there it is -- all aboard! Nobody's really sure why the bat's shnoz looks like this, but scientists suspect it has something to do with a heightened sense of echolocation. Me? I suspect it has something to do with making sure they only find TRUE love.

Hit the jump for a black and white style mugshots. Also, R.I.P. SPACEBAT -- GONE BUT NEVER FORGOTTEN.


This bat has one of the craziest noses in the animal kingdom [io9]

Thanks to Brendan, who said if he were born as one of those bats he'd wear one of those red clown noses. Shit, or any other nose for that matter.

  • How do you go about getting a vagina installed on your FACE!?!?

  • lorobird

    This is really ugly. But I will love this bat nonetheless. We must love all of God's creatures. Even when they have this face.


  • Hmmm


  • Guest

    A more suitable name would be the Face-Hugger Nose Bat.

  • mz001

     First thing it reminded me of was a screaming Predator.

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