World Of Warcraft Monopoly And Starcraft RISK

February 15, 2012


So Blizzard has teamed up with themed board game manufacturer USAopoly to make a World of Warcraft version of Monopoly ($40) and Starcraft version of RISK ($50) due out this summer. Because God forbid you can't get your Warcraft fix when the power goes out. Me? I like to pretend I'm blind and try to shower.

Hit the jump for the possible Warcraft game pieces and a closeup of the board. No more shots of Starcraft, sorry.



World of Warcraft Monopoly® and StarCraft Risk® [battlenet]
Blizzard Board Games of the Day []

Thanks to Mark and bryce, who aren't allowed to play board games anymore because they both have anger management issues and have pulled knives on game night.

  • the barrens one entire side of the board?

  • Guest

    I kill for a Tetris-Jenga game mix. 8D~

  • A globe is a three-dimensional scale model of Earth (terrestrial globe) or other spheroid celestial body such as a planet, star, or moon.

  • luxlucetintenebris

    Free parking? Should be free portal or something. Teleport out of jail free etc.

  • obriencj

    They missed the chance to use gold and silver as currency, which seems like it would have been obvious... even if they made paper money out of it ($500 = 5g, $100 = 1g, $50 = 50s, $1 = 1s)

  • THIS

  • Bioware has just announced Star Wars The Old Republic Monopoly, same game really but now there's game piece dialogue 

  • Moon

    Sooooo instead of grinding online for gold...people can grind on monopoly for gold? Seems like Blizzard might actually want people to have lives...after taking another 40 bucks from theirs pockets.

  • Emmitt Morgans

    *sticks Post it note to computer monitor* DORKS!

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