Will Be Collecting: New Ninja Turtle Action Figures

February 1, 2012


These are pics of the just-announced action figure line from Nickelodeon's new TMNT animated series. I will be collecting them all. And if you're a kid and I meet you in the toy aisle and there's only one Michelangelo left I WILL fight you for him. And if you try snatching the figure and running I'll chase you down on a children's bicycle and peg you with one of those bouncy balls they keep on the cages at the end of the aisle. And if you go crying to your mom I'm gonna tell her I caught you trying to stuff Matchbox cars in your pockets and then make my way to the checkout while she's teaching you a lesson about stealing. The point is I've got all my bases covered. You're better off with a LEGO set anyways.

Hit the jump for a ton more plus close-ups plus a GIANT sewer playset.












MTV Geek First Look: Tons of TMNT Toys! [mtv]

Thanks to zenopo and Laura, both of whom have fought would-be collectors to the death in the toy aisle over Transformer action figures. WOW.

  • Although I have seen these kind of New Ninja Turtle Action Figures at many places, in forums also. But whenever I watch these figures, always look good to me at all.

  • Robert Simmons

    Note that the promo pictures above of the 4 main figures are NOT what the real figures will look like. The actual production figures have none of the dry-wash/paint detailing, and look much more bland. Also the weapons are all a single color with no paint applications, and Mikey's weapons are just two solid-color nunchuks, no real chains or anything. Just a plastic curve.

  • Where. The fuck. Is Krang?

  • AdamCoates

    I'm glad Donatello is the only one not grinning like an idiot. He knows that turtling is srs bsns.

    Also the third toe looks freakish, but I guess it's justified by the even more freakishly enlarged, ugg boot-like legs.

  • Awesome! This is what I want for my birthday.

  • They have 3 toes now?!

  • TheOtakuX

    Back in 2003 I tried to collect all the TMNT (aside from alternate costumes) toys from that line, but failed. Now, as an adult, I'd like to try again, because these are freaking awesome . Even if I don't get everything, just the Turtles, Splinter, Shredder, and a couple Foot would be enough to get a nice display with that sewer playset.

  • Guest

    I stopped buying action figures when they started adding too many extra points of articulation to everything. Too easy to break.

  • Dy7lan (the seven is silent)

    Going on this year's x-mas list.

  • These look awesome, even if I never did get to watch the original TV show (or any TV show for that matter)

  • Cory Cleek

    My only problem with these? They need to switch Raphael and Donatello's faces. Raphael was the emo turtle.

  • I always thought Raphael was cool....but rude... :)

  • Gimme a break.

  • Yanov Cutajar

    Actually Raph was the angry one, so his face is just fine.

  • Shawn Bibby

    my fucking god, i wish I had kids now just so I could play with those...
    especially the van lol

  • Whoa... Did TMNT always have 3 toes? I always thought they had two toes..

  • taran420

    Whoa, nice catch. You are correct, the old turtles had two toes.

  • kevin dijkshoorn


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