Vomit Everywhere: Girl Attaches Camera To Hula Hoop

February 2, 2012


Note: Video is not for those with motion sickness. Or for women who are nursing, pregnant, or may become pregnant if I do a really cool trick on my skateboard.

This is a video of a girl performing a hula hoop routine in an apron with a video camera attached to the hoop. It's pretty neat to watch, especially when she reverses direction. That shit blew my mind. But not before I blew chunks. "The fat kid from Goonies?!" What -- NO. It was mostly Carnation Instant Breakfast and banana bread.

Hit the jump and get your improvised bat-spin on.


Thanks to hobbitenthusiast, who is like, reaaaaaally into little hairy people. Me? I'm into giant hairless people. That's right -- cyclopses.

  • Could only imagine what this would be like in 3D.

  • Lyn

    "Ha, motion sickness, as if" then halfway through "Oh my god I'm gunna puke". I am not tough, but it looked amazing until I had to turn it off!

  • Christopher Benson

    This threw my entire perspective on reality into question.

  • Cool but made me feel ill. And yes, she's a very attractive and well-endowed young lady.

  • LilyGreenn

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  • I wonder if she even realize how much we're enjoying her breasts upon our monitors.

  • wutadyk

    i just came all over 360 degrees of my mattress

  • Nathan Klassen

    That was literally making me queasy. ugh. now i need some advil.

  • n_a_a_s

    titties on the screencap GW, well done :)

  • im gonna puke

  • That's not an apron it's dungarees.
    But the video looks fantastic.
    Plus she's cute with nice boobs.

  • Voodoo Darling

    Needs less clothes.

  • Hugh Weiss


  • tutness


    Edited to Add: Goddamnit! XD

  • Eric Stodolnik

    strangely mezmerizing and beautiful. yet nauseous.
    I would love to see a video of this done on a green screen with the background cut out.

  • GodsAdvised

    I also think if you just edited out the hula hoop iteself it would look really cool. The line from the hoop gives you a point of reference and an idea on what's going on. Without that it would just look like a magical midget camera man on a quadrocopter flying around the girl.

  • Jeremy Tilton

    I was thinking the same thing.  The background kinda distracts from what really makes this video look cool.

  • uma sapa


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