Two-Faced: Batman IRL Is A Screamy Jerk

February 21, 2012


Seen here with 1990's Vanilla Ice cheesin' it up in the background, this is a video of Batman IRL yelling at people in Toronto. I almost didn't post it because the filmmakers said their initial intention was to make a 'Shit Batman Says' video and every single one of those videos sucks so f***ing hard and isn't funny it makes me hate the entire internet and everyone on it. Thankfully, the video just turned into Batman screaming at/scaring people and then getting really frustrated when he can't open a Slim Jim. Jesus bro, you don't have anything in your utility belt for that? I dunno, throw it and then Batarang it in half or something, shit! *shaking head* Between that and all the yelling, it's truly a dark day for the dark knight. Seriously, Batman -- you kiss your mother with that mouth? Wait...

Hit the jump for the no wonder Robin left you.

Apparently the Hero Toronto Deserves Just Walks Around and Yells a Lot [toplessrobot]

Thanks to TJ, who agrees if you REALLY want to see some superheroes yelling at people just go up to Hollywood Blvd. by the Chinese Theater.

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