Transform And Walk Out: Robot's Wheels Turn To Legs

February 3, 2012


This is a video of a little robot whose wheels fold in half to form crude legs so it can go where no wheeled robot has gone before. Good for you. Of course, you wouldn't have to build robots with wheels that transform into legs if you'd just strap f***ing jetpacks on them already. "You've doomed us all, GW!" Yeaaaaaah, I plan on going skydiving this weekend, so I've kinda stopped caring. "Why?!" Have you seen my parachute? "That's a bookbag." *wink*

Hit the jump for a video of the least impressive Transformer ever (kidding, that honor belongs to Wheelie).

Robot's Wheels Transform Into Legs [make]

Thanks to WuLongTi, who agrees if he had to choose between wheels or legs he'd choose a helicopter that comes out of his head like Inspector Gadget. Good call.

  • Jonathan Kim

    f*k with the use. This is the coolest robot I have ever seen. f*k the comments below.

  • This has some real potential. It may not look like much now but, possible revisions later on may allow it to encounter and deal with more complicated¬†obstacles.¬†

  • Brodie Knowland

    I could see this being of real use in planet exploration

  • Colby Wilson

    This thing is utter crap.... "look it can drive over these roots with half of a wheel."

  • Can you really not see the implications?

  • JimmyThr

    Good God man!

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