The Triforce Of Lookin' Fresh: Zelda Crest Head Shave

February 22, 2012


This is a picture of some brobro who got Zelda's crest shaved into the back of his head. It's not me, I swear -- my ears aren't pierced and I don't wear a gold chain. I do have that Last Supper print and a straw hat, but the similarities stop there. Besides, I'm not into the whole head-shaving scene, I'm more into wearing a hat. "You mean a MINISH CAP?" Ahahahahahahhahaha! F***, you're even a bigger dork than I am.

Boon Cotter's Flickr
The Triforce Of Haircuts [fashionablygeek]

Thanks to Lis, who knows what I like and it is definitely security bars on a sliding door.

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