The Mile High Club Never Sounded So Depressing

February 16, 2012


To be fair though, the lavatory in coach sounds pretty depressing too.

For only $425 Flamingo Air of Cincinnati, Ohio will take you for an hour-long flight in the back of this terrifying little plane so you can join the mile high club by having sex with your special lady. Or another dude. Or yourself. Or a love-doll, shit -- they just want their $425.

The problem is that the flight takes place on Flamingo's tiny single-engined Piper Saratoga, which doesn't look much bigger inside than one of those commercial jet bathrooms you could have slinked into. Then consider the fact that the only thing separating you from the pilot is a thin curtain, and the whole thing doesn't really sound particularly amorous.

Flamingo say that they have taken as many as eight couples up in a single day. I just hope they sanitize the heck out of that interior between flights.

While I imagine most men wouldn't mind if the pilot could hear them playing Red Baron Barn Stormer in the back of the plane, I'm just not sure if you'd be able to convince a lady to go for it. "There's always hookers." Ahahahaha, of COURSE -- those good ol' Cincinnati, Ohio hookers. *watches article crash and burn in a nosedive of depressing*

Hit the jump for a video news report about the service including an interview with a creepy yet loveable pilot that will definitely being trying to watch.

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