Tactical Beer Mug With Scope Mounts, AR-15 Handle

February 24, 2012


This is the $250 OPMOD Battle Mug, a 24-ounce beer receptacle milled out of a solid 13.5-lb block of aluminum that comes equipped with military-spec rails so you can attach all kinds of scopes and laser sights. "Yeah but why?" WHY?! To make sure you don't miss your mouth, dummy!

Hit the jump for a worthwhile shot of the thing decked out in scopes, a video demo, and a link to the product page.



Product Site

Thanks to Brian, who drinks his morning coffee out of a live grenade so people don't bother him until after he's gotten his fix.

  • The beer koozie has progressed in both content and style. The materials of which the beer koozie has been made include simply memory polyurethane foam, neoprene and a polyurethane foam version of neoprene. Some companies create koozies for 40 oz. containers. The content used to create the koozie is designed to prevent drinks from becoming hotter.

  • Thor

    It is not a handle, though idiots use it as one, it is the sight rail.

  • Sezakou .

    It was initially designed as a carry handle. It was the style at the time, look at the FAL, origninal design of the Enfield SA80, and FAMAS for example. The nomenclature has since been changed to sight rail as a military colloquialism in hopes to deter people carrying their long gun in such a manner.

  • Its cool, but not $250.00 cool.

  • chariel


  • Jadis

    I think I know someone that would love this. 

  • can it attach one of those under barrel mini grenade launchers that go on a rifle?

  • Jake Krohn

    Not an AR-15 handle... it's a colt M4 handle... DUH!

  • You don't even know what you're talking about...

  • This is just stupid.

  • Neal Atomkinder

    As a fellow atheist, I disagree.

  • Ooookay.
    In my opinion this is just stupid.

  • Gerrad Cunningham


  • f


  • Emmitt Morgans

    If you can somehow attach a bayonet, this is the perfect liquid carrying device!

    I wanna hump it!!!

  • LeJines

    just make sure you take it off before you have a sip.... though my eye patch does make me look cooler.

  • Emmitt Morgans

     It makes barfights a bit more one-sided...

  • Dope as fuck.

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