Subglacial Antarctic Lake Undisturbed For 20-Million Years Finally Gets Drilled By The Russians

February 6, 2012


Lake Vostok, the pristine lake hidden under two and a half miles of Antarctic glacier for almost 20-million years, has finally been reached by the drill of Russian scientists. They hope to develop a better understanding of the earth 20-million years ago, but will probably only develop a strange disease from whatever the hell's down there and then we'll have to nuke the continent to save humanity. What? I'm a glass half-empty kinda guy!

'If it goes well, a breakthrough opens up a whole new chapter in our understanding of our planet and possibly moons in our solar system and planets far beyond.

'If it doesn't go well, it casts a pall over the whole effort to explore this wet underside of Antarctica.'

AHAHAHAHHAHA, "and if it doesn't go well we wasted a lot of time and effort and didn't get anything from it". Or did they? Are you thinking what I'm thinking? "Pump the water up, bottle it, and sell it to rich people?" Even better! SAY we did all that, but then just sell them my dirty bath water. "My God, you're a genius!" Thanks, I've been wearing my thinking cap overtime lately. "Those are women's underwear." THEY WORK WONDERS.

Breakthrough! Russian scientists drill into Antarctic lake buried under the ice for 20 million years [dailymail]

Thanks to Si, who wants to be the first to drink from the sacred lake to see if he gains superpowers. If he does, he plans on ruling over the lake like his own personal Lazarus Pit. I like your style!

  • Self-important Hollywood star carrying bottled Lake Vostok water in 3....2.....1.....

  • Sylvain Gagn√©

    News on 14 july 2012, the most dangerous virus will getting out in killing all live on the earth.. the russian president will comment drilling expedition...

  • Doug Eldridge

    [Last Communication From Antarctic Russian Drilling Site]

    All goes well today, we found some kind of massive city built by ancient beings! Also, there is some kind of.....


  • Tom Carter

    I've seen enough X Files to know where this is going.

  • Vikrant Gajjar

    Also, 'understand the earth better' doesnt sound like a reason to spend hundreds of millions of Russian money in these economic times to drill. Something is surely down there, deffo aliens. Yep, aliens I bet, or the passage to the underworld. It was predicted by a spiritualist that the passage to the underworld will be discovered in our century

  • Vikrant Gajjar

    I JUST finished downloading and watching the new 'The Thing' movie..Illegally, ofcourse. Damn, Just waiting to see what aliens are down there for us, the parasitic alien from 'the thing' maybe even 'Megatron' hehe!!

  • (Oh how I'd love to be drilled by the Russians!)
    Of course this is all going to go badly: the lake will be ruined and untold nasties will destroy the world.

  • Guest

    Well, as long as there's no parasitic-doppelganger alien down there -- I'm okay with this.

  • MisterUnderhill

    Seriously, didn't the X-Files already cover this? Once again, science ignores the warnings of sci-fi.

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