Smartphone App Removes Photobombers

February 15, 2012


Scalado's 'Remove' app for smartphones allows users to remove moving objects (read: people) in the background simply by clicking them after the photo's been taken. It works by taking multiple quick shots and being able to sub the background in one shot for the people in another. Unfortunately, the app won't be available for stand-alone purchase, but will be be included in phones manufactured by companies with direct licensing rights (currently Motorola, HTC and Sony). HA -- you think that's stop me from making a non-functional knockoff and selling it in the Apple Store? It will not. "Come on -- at least make it do something." Oh, it'll do something alright. "Turn people into giant penises?" You know, sometimes it really is like we share a brain.

Hit the jump for a very brief demo.

Scalado's Remove Lets You Eliminate The People Who Ruined Your Photo [huffingtonpost]

Thanks to John, crimini, Liz and Teddy Tango, who don't ever have extra people screwing up their photos because they've learned the fine art of yelling "OMG THERE'S A BOMB!" and waiting for the place to clear out before taking a picture.

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